Saturday, December 13, 2008


The chill is setting in,& we are down by sore throats,coughs,&colds.So we need hot drinks from adrak chai to chicken soup.Here are some drinks to choose from
HOT WATER WITH GINGER- B0il ginger in water till water is reduced ti half7 now add honey.sip it slowly.
HERBAL TEA -Herbal teas improves body,s immune system.One can add lemon,ginger and honey to tea.Honey soothes soar throat,lemon provides vitamin C.
CHICKEN SOUP -Hot chicken soup is high in minerals like Zinc, that resist infections and clear cogged nasal passage.
HOT TODDY- A hot toddy is a mix of brandy & honey, lemon,& tea.
VEGETABLE SOUP- This soup has all amino acids,minerals,& vitamins.

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