Saturday, December 20, 2008


PAN IIT2008 global confernce a meeting of IIT alumni was organised in Chennai.The star speaker was Dr RAGHURAM RAJAN,Economic advisor to the Prime minister.Dr Rajan, an alumnus Of IIT DELHI,prefaced his speech by saying that when he was an IIT student they used to go around to tie up sponsorship deals but were thrown out summarily.We knew the reason later,because all the CEOs were either from St.STEPHEN'S OR loyola, or Presidency,the IITians were still working their way up.I am glad that there are at least 300 IIT-ians working as CEOs of different companies now said Dr Rajan to thunderous applause from scores of IIT alumni assembled.
Being mother of an IITian[sumit] I am proud of it.

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