Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's time to bring them inside. Not only will they beautify the house, they bring luck too.

The colour green is positively attributed to spreading freshness, serenity and bringing in harmony. We can bring all this positivity inside our home through plants like bonsais, cacti, terrariums and some of the regular medium-sized garden plants.

Space crunch Besides adding beauty, plants also make a room look spacious. a gardening enthusiast, says, "I have plants on the dining table, in the bathroom, at the entrance to welcome guests and on window ledges.

So I wake up to freshness every morning.

"Terrariums can be maintained easily and are cleaner because they are bottled. Chlorophytum and alocasia are suitable plants for interiors.

" Plants also have scientific benefits like freshening the air, thereby increasing productivity and enhancing homes and the work place. "Changing the position of plants helps in giving the interior a new look and filling up empty spaces.

"Bonsais are a way to bring big plants like peepal, mango and neem inside homes," she says.

Experimenting with the pots and plants, her hobby benefits her entire family. Sandeep Maru feels that plants break the monotony of the colour scheme of a room or office.

"With a variety of coloured interior plants like Begoniacece, one has the option to choose the colours," he says. Plant pick Chlorophytum or spider plant: This one has a number of platelets hanging from a stem, making it look like the legs of a spider.

Alocasia: An evergreen plant, it spreads its stems and leaves around the pot. A good filler for the corner.

Jasmine: This one fills the room with its fragrance and keeps the atmosphere pleasant. Moneyplant: It's the most common home plants as it can be grown in water or mud.

It is thought to bring financial luck.

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