Thursday, December 11, 2008


While preparing for science exam,it is important to make time table.The plan should be according to your capacity.This will help you to complete your syllabus on time.Stick to NCERT book.All definitions & rules should be learnt from the book.Learn diagrams by practising .It is important to label each diagram.Write answers to the point.Keep at least 20 minutes for revision.Have a neat presentation.HIGHLIGHT IMPORTANT POINTS.
FOR physics memorise the formulae and learn its correct application.Half a mark is given for writing correct formulae.Do not forget to mark the arrow inthe ray diagrams.Lear all the 3 rules for magnetic effect of current.
FOR chemistry pay more attention to metals and carbon compounds.Preprations &properties of various chemicals can be memorised by making a flow chart.
FOR biology clean ,neat & well labelled diagrams with proper labselling will help you to score good marks.Topics like digestion,circulatory system &
respiration should be well prepared.Difficult chapters like Hereditary should be given extra time. Number of points in answer should correlate to the marks alloted.If a question carries two marks, you should write at least four important points.
Go through the notes & revise them throughly.Have a proper sleep the night before before exam.

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