Friday, December 5, 2008


Success requires making a plan & following it.
Key points that will help a person to achieve the highest levels of success are
1.Look in to nearest mirror -the personstaring back at you is the only person responsible for your success
2.Smile back to your reflection- successful people are cheerful, optimistic, & forward thinking.
3.Positive self esteem is the foundation for success.
4.Believe in your self.
5.Associate with successful people.
6.Do what you are best at & what you get the most satisfaction from.
7.Write down a vision.Every day visualize your self as you would like to be - & than act that way.
8.Write down your goal, the you want to fulfill.Read your goal aloud every morning & evening.
9.Study the science of success- Fill ur mind with positive thoughts & give yourself positive self affirmations.
10.Every day do some thing that brings you closer to your goal.
Everybody experience fear of failure, uncertainty, insecurity,low esteem,nervousness& embarrassment.Successful people master these temporary conditions by taking positive actions,by maintaining their vision of the future,by learnng from set backs.

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