Monday, March 23, 2009

save the shark

Currently sharks are being finned and fished to near extinction, with more than 100 million sharks killed globally each year. But as one of the oldest species on earth (over 400 million years old), the disappearance of sharks is having a profound effect on our oceans. Sharks are crucial to maintaining the balance of healthy oceans. So what can you do? By adopting a shark, you can be directly involved in shark research and conservation.

AdoptAShark researchers place satellite and acoustic tags on sharks throughout the year, recording the location and time spent at each site, allowing us to map the sharks’ movements over time. This information can be used to improve shark management decisions, such as the selection of marine reserves or the protection of sharks in important aggregation areas. Tagging sharks is one of the most important first steps in conserving and protecting these awesome creatures.

Although fascinating and beautiful creatures, not much is known about the basic biology, movement patterns and migration of these highly vulnerable species. AdoptAShark’s science teams are tagging sharks to provide essential information about the movements, feeding and reproductive behavior to help save and protect them.

Each shark adoption package includes a personalized certificate of adoption, pictures of and information about your shark, stickers, a t-shirt and lots of fun and educational info about marine conservation. You will also receive up-to-date shark conservation news and be able to follow the movement of your adopted shark online.


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