Monday, October 20, 2008


England has become a full degree warmer since the beatles started playing & human activity is the cause.The warming of england is much faster than warming of other parts of earth.This is because the land is warming more quickly than water&land at high latitudes is warming more quickly.
DESERTS are spreading much faster up to southern europe.The jet streams,giant rivers of air high above the earth are movingtowards the poles.Not to missout the deserts that are fast spreading in India as well.
FOR the first time polar bear have been found drowned in the Arctic as receding ice defeats even there prodigious swimming powers.
HEMINGWAY'S snows one of the wonders of natural world will soon be as dead as old man himself.Glaciers are melting world wide.
All it is a part of the global warming being caused by green house gases like carbondioxide& methanefrom industry and transport.

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